On-Demand Services

Track the impact of your brand in media during an unexpected crisis or issue.

It is critical to keep an eye on media activities during an accidental corporate crisis, management mess-ups, or a serious product issue. In this time-crucial scenario, contribution from our Crisis Monitoring team is extremely significant. We quick-learn the scenario, create related search strings, track appropriate media coverage impacting your brand, analyze them, and send reports for your action. Thus, we put plenty of time on your side, so that you can plot a crisis communication plan and start reacting to complaints or negative news items before they spread too far.

  • Non-stop daily news briefs after the crisis, until zero relevant coverage
  • Multiple email alerts delivered throughout the day
  • Media Analysis report with analysts’ key insights, at the end of the crisis
  • Analysis metrics includes coverage trend, sentiment, top outlets, media types, prominent journalists, potential reach, and more
  • All reports are branded and executive-ready, with customizable charts and graphs

Stage 1

Alert DigiMent Research team via mail or phone when crisis happens

Stage 2

Our analysts work around the clock and monitor media coverage related to the crisis and send you daily news briefs and periodic news alerts.

Stage 3

Our analysts continue sending you news briefs and periodic news alerts, until the crisis coverage cools off in media

Stage 4

Intimate DigiMent Research team to end the monitoring and reporting process, and kick start the analysis process

Stage 5

Our analysts share the maximum possible insights through our media analysis report

Secure backup during Crisis!

Get instant assistance in tracking, reporting, and analyzing your brand impact during a crisis scenario.