Add-On Services

Clean and accurate media information is crucial for PR measurement!

If you are a PR person using an automated media monitoring tool, then human auditing and cleansing offers an immeasurable value to you. The data tracked from most automated monitoring platforms are incomplete and inaccurate. Quality of the content is crucial before processing, and information which tends to be incomplete and noisy can tremendously affect your final PR value.

Our analysts detect and correct all the corrupted and inaccurate media records from the tool, platform or database - prior to the media analysis process. We carefully go through all analytical and non-analytical media content, identify the incorrect values, and replace them with correct ones. Our data auditing and cleansing process include:


Data Accuracy Checking

Data Relevancy Checking

Duplicate Elimination

Completeness Review

Consistency Checking

Data Validity Review

Is your Media Monitoring tool fetch more noisy?

Get your data cleansed flawlessly using our human analysts.