On-Demand Services

Calculate the media reach of your pre-organized event or campaign!

Big events like IPOs, product launches, trade shows, earnings releases are exceptional ways for brands to promote themselves. Whether a roaring success or a massive PR flop, events are highly discussed in media. So, when launching an event or a campaign, monitoring both traditional and social media before, during, and after the occasion should be the priority in your PR plan. Event Monitoring perfectly highlight how well your organized event is conversed in media and helps to enhance your PR tactics while organizing future campaigns.

  • Non-stop daily news briefs during, and after the event, until zero relevant coverage
  • Media Analysis report with analysts’ key insights, at the end of the event
  • Analysis metrics includes coverage trend, sentiment, top outlets, media types, prominent journalists, potential reach, and more
  • All reports are branded and executive-ready, with customizable charts and graphs

Stage 1

Intimate DigiMent Research team via email or phone regarding your upcoming event

Stage 2

Our analysts will start to monitor media coverage once your event is kickstarted, and send you daily news briefs

Stage 3

Our analysts will continue sending you daily news briefs until the media coverage about your event fades out

Stage 4

Intimate DigiMent Research team to stop the monitoring and reporting process, and kick start the analysis process

Stage 5

Our analysts share the maximum possible insights through our media analysis report.

Running an Event?

Get media monitoring reports for your event and measure the reach in media.