Add-On Services

Contact the journalists belonged to your beat and tap into new opportunities!

Building and maintaining a killer contact list can be a full-time job, taking much care and strategy. Our analysts go through numerous media outlets and social media platforms, spend considerable time researching the publications where you wish to appear, identify the best journalists, and pull out their updated contact details.Thus, we show you the quick and perfect way to find journalists’ or bloggers’ contact details, potentially saving you hours.

Some prominent features of our influencer tracking service are:

  • Quality over Quantity - Reporters move around a lot. So, we update our contact list more frequently and make sure every contact in the list still works and covers your relevant beat.
  • Identify Relevant Influencers - We make sure to track and identify contacts which are relevant to what you are pitching. We don’t want you to annoy the media contacts with a topic outside their beat and end up with a ruined relationship.
  • Checking your Competitors - We also look at your competitors’ media coverage and identify influencers who cover the same industry or topics you’re looking to pitch.

For Sales

We also explore people who speak about your company or brand products, discuss about your competitive products, or look for a suggestion related to your product. Our team saves you time by researching and fetching those relevant prospects, allowing you to simply focus your sales pitch. Using this tracking service, sales professionals can:

  • Learn More - Study which types of products customers have purchased and capitalize on that insight to personalize experience, increase customer loyalty, and boost customer lifetime value.
  • Improve Branding - Learn feedback to identify what is working and what isn’t with your branding and marketing.
  • Tap into New Opportunities - Use the tracking details to identify potential customers and conduct relevant outreach.
Track Influencers!

Track the contact details of your targeted influencers/prospects and get connected.