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Compute the genuine media reach of your Press Release!

Press release pickups (replicas) are an ongoing ethical problem in PR industry. Newswires each time show their syndicated partner content as real results. They should stop sharing (or at least differentiate) these exaggerated numbers which are added up to the original results shared with their clients. Because, the key characteristics of these automatically syndicated partner content are:

  • staying on back door areas of news sites which are invisible to any publicly browsing consumer
  • never appear on any kind of homepage or any navigable place that anyone can click to
  • have nil potential audience, as these articles are never displayed to anybody
  • removed usually within a month or two

DigiMent Research analysts search the media and carefully differentiate the automatically generated partner content from real organic articles. We take a more conservative approach to show you the real numbers. Our analysts then calculate the reach values of real articles as well as the pickups and put them separately. Thus, we help you to visualize the exact reach of your press release and its corresponding real organic media reach.

Stage 1

Intimate DigiMent Research team via mail or phone when your press release is distributed

Stage 2

Our analysts start collecting all real and syndicated articles and send the information to you. (Top news in news briefs and remaining in spreadsheet)

Stage 3

Our analysts continue sending you news briefs, until the press release and the related organic coverage becomes nil in media

Stage 4

Intimate our team to end the monitoring and reporting process, and kick start the analysis process

Stage 5

Our analysts share the maximum possible insights through our media analysis report with metrics including trend, sentiment, outlets, media types, journalists, potential reach, and more.

Monitor a Press Release

Track the actual media reach of your Press Release.