Who We Are

Media Monitoring becomes EASY with DigiMent Research Analysts!

DigiMent Research is a Professional Services firm offering human-curated media monitoring and intelligence solutions to PR executives worldwide. With more media information comes in, real-world intelligence with better decisions alone improves the results, and to turn those media results into reliable insights, it is essential that media information is organized, refined and enriched in the right way – Humans alone can fit in these criteria. So, human intervention is mandatory for effective media monitoring and measurement, and thus in our company we use well-trained media experts for this purpose. We ensure that our end results are always far superior than those extracted from incompetent algorithms.


What We Do


Why Choose Us

When it comes to tracking and measuring complex media information, human intellect is still a critical component. Our expertise human touch used in tracking and analyzing your brand and competitions has no match in the industry. Kickstart your day with our analyst-curated news digests, right from your desk, and get top-notch media analysis reports with actual insights.

Exclusively Handcrafted

Our highly reliable media intelligence solutions are tailored perfectly to match your customized media monitoring demands.


Our analysts hand-pick only the best relevant news from media, ensuring no noise and gaps. Our factual analytics are also best-in-class!

Added Value

We go beyond usual process to track potential impact by offering individual information on people sharing articles with your mentions.

Most Affordable

The pricing for our human-based media monitoring services starts from $1,299/year, makes us a perfect fit even for start-ups!

Who Need Us

PR and Corporate Communications

Track proliferation of earned media, measure your targeting effort, and reveal key insights and ROI of your PR campaign.

Brand and Reputation Managers

Understand your position relative to competitive brands and track product launch successes and campaign-based projects.

Marketing and Communications Pros

Be competitive by delivering your prospects and customers with regular news briefs and keep your brand top of their minds.

Sales Managers and Executives

Visualize how your target audiences spends time online and then focus your efforts on those types of media to target audience.

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