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Contacts Tracking

Contacts Tracking

Bringing You Further Down the Sales Funnel

Explore your potential communication medium such as top tier publications, peer reviewed journals, and white papers to track down the required contact information for your sales teams and effectively reach out to those potential customers. Our Contacts Tracking service is designed to provide sales professionals with the data they need to drive revenue and achieve sales targets.

Using advanced web-crawling technology and human touch, we send your sales team a tailored list of authors, their colleagues, contact details, other necessary context, and the knowledge for why the prospect is relevant. You gain access to a vast pool of potential customers to fuel your sales pipeline. As a result, less time is spent researching who to contact and how to tailor outreach, putting your sales team in a better position to advance leads, book demos, and grow sales.

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Key Features

Flexible Features of Our Leads Extraction Process

Targeted Contact Extraction

Our intelligent data extraction technology combined with human intelligence extracts only relevant contact information specially tailored to your sales needs.

Wide variety of sources

Extract data from various web sources like websites, news sites, industry directories, peer-reviewed journals, white papers, social media platforms, and more.

Comprehensive Details

Go beyond basic details like names and email addresses and secure more comprehensive info such as job titles, contact numbers, social profiles, company affiliations, etc.

Verified Information

We know the importance of data quality and thus follow robust data verification and validation processes to eliminate duplicates, inaccuracies, and enriching details.

Custom Extraction Parameters

Each sales team has a unique target. So, you can define much needed parameters like industry, location, company size, etc. and tailor the extraction process.

Data Security and Privacy

We highly prioritize security and privacy of your extracted data. We adhere to stringent data protection protocols, ensuring your data remains secure and confidential.

Track Your Business as well as Sales Leads

Gain Access to a Vast Pool of Potential Customers to Fuel Your Sales Pipeline

Experience the power of targeted contact extraction for sales with our service. Trust in the accuracy and integrity of the extracted contact information to boost your sales efficiency. Let us provide you with accurate and comprehensive contact information to fuel your sales efforts, reach your target audience, and close more deals. Sign up today and unlock the potential of our Contact Extraction Service for Sales.