Executive News Briefs

A perfect curation of relevant news coverage, you need at your desk every morning!

Our analysts deliver the exact media results you need. We read every news that matters, hand-pick only the select hard news that affects your competitive edge or alters your strategic decisions, and deliver them via our mobile-friendly news briefs. Our news briefs help to keep your executives informed about your company, products, industry, and competitor activities, by showcasing your everyday successful marketing and communications strategies.

What’s in your Media News Brief?
  • Media coverage about your company and competitors
  • News and issues impacting your industry
  • Top social media mentions
The Anatomy of a Media News Brief
  • Custom-branded template, ready to be distributed to all your stakeholders
  • Content sourced across online and traditional media, including national news, inaddition to influential social media accounts
  • Delivered daily (as early as 5 a.m. ET)
  • Hyperlinked titles give you direct access to the original content
  • See a text preview of each article, along with other significant media insights
  • News segmented into categories makes your brief simple to navigate

Key Features

Zero Coverage Gaps

Our analysts don’t rely solely on technology platforms to source content. We also follow manual search methods to pull out your relevant content, even behind paywalls.

No Irrelevant Mentions

All news stories are read and hand-picked by analysts exclusively assigned to your report. So, our results are always superior than those of computerized algorithms.

Analyst Curated Coverage

Our analysts understand every news that matter, put them under appropriate sections, and thus send you a well-organized media news compilation for ease news browsing

Delivered at Your Time

Our flexible work hours help us to deliver reports at any time. Whether the start of your day, or any time between, or throughout the day, get our reports at any time you need.

Great for Newsletters

We can also distribute media news briefs internally to all your business stakeholders and showcase how effective your PR campaigns are across all media channels.

Pre-Distribution Review

If you want to review our reports prior to distribution, we will send you the reports first, get your feedback, execute them, and then distribute the updated ones.

Fully Customizable Reports

While our news briefs are loaded with all required media information, our customization process allows you to further modify the report contents by choosing the template you want, with or without images, table of contents, syndications, synopsis, sentiment, and reach details. You can also select your own custom topics for your report, to which we manually organize the entire coverage for easy reading. Table of contents allow you to quickly scan through the headlines by spending less time. Finally, our reports are branded with your logo, colors, font, and style. A typical fully packed report has:

  • Article headline, article date, and outlet name
  • Journalists name with their titles
  • Core article image
  • Analyst scored sentiment of the article
  • Estimated reach details
  • List of syndicated sources
  • Table of contents
  • Summary and article content
  • Synopsis written by analysts
  • Machine translated summary for foreign languages, reviewed by analysts
  • Link to the original source article
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