Media Analysis Reports

Get the maximum possible insights gained from your PR strategy, from our dedicated analysts!

DigiMent Research analysts are highly capable to understand your media outcomes, visualize the topics derived, and flawlessly measure your entire communications landscape. We exceed usual charts and graphs, go deeper with user-defined key metrics, manually score your paid, earned, shared, and owned media coverage, build in-depth insights, and highlight the results using neat illustrations, comparisons, charts, and easy-to-read summaries. We deliver insights on volume of key topics, quality of message pull-through and share of voice, while helping you understand which media outlets drove the coverage.

What’s in your Insights Report?
  • Executive summary
  • KPI Dashboard
  • Data visualization charts and graphs illustrating trend and analytics
  • Analyst commentary providing informational context and depth
  • Report methodology to ensure consistency of approach and impartiality

Key Features

Gauged by Analysts

Our analysts dig deep to collect all media coverage, hand-pick the relevant content, score them using user defined metrics, and write summaries featuring insights.

Well-Refined Methodology

We follow realistic methodology to score each media content. This considerably makes sense than automated algorithms which evaluate media data with limited attention.

Custom Delivery Frequency

Analysis reports can be delivered daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly. We can deliver reports based on your custom requirements too.

Enhanced Analytic Metrics

Visual comparisons are done using 50+ metrics, which includes sentiment, media type, journalists, outlets, social handles, competitors, impressions, prominence,etc.

Handcrafted Reports

We interpret all data points to amplify the valid insights and write summaries. All our reports undergo quality check and proof-reading procedures before reaching you.

Narratives on Your Results

Our analysis report highlights key messages derived from your PR output, which makes it suitable for presentations during your monthly meetings across business levels.

Personalized for Different Users:

We have a variety of metrics in each analysis report to meet every PR requirement.

  • Brand Reputation: Identify your company’s relative position in media, and track proliferation of earned media.
  • Potential Reach: Understand how your business is being perceived by the public and wider media community.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Quickly understand consumer attitudes and gain an overview of the wider public opinion and their customer experiences.
  • Competitive knowledge: Learn the competitor activities and how their strategies are being deployed and received.
  • Prominent Outlets: Gather the relevant media coverage across all outlets to effectively gauge market perceptions.
  • Influencers Tracking: Track prominent journalists, key spokespeople and executive commentary from industry leaders.
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