Media Monitoring

Monitor your keywords across all traditional and social media outlets… And it’s simple now!

DigiMent Research combines best-in-class technology with manual content searching and thereby delivers the most comprehensive, relevant, and affordable media monitoring services in the industry. Whether a content-rich daily news briefs or an insightful monthly analysis report, our media intelligence plays a major role in your PR strategy by helping you and your team every day. Our analysts constantly learn about you and develop robust knowledge on how well you performed in your industry - This happens from the day one of the process.


Media News Briefs

Our media news brief consists of hand-picked news mentions of your brand, competitions, peers, your markets and industry, by eliminating all noise and irrelevant content.

Analysis Reports

Our analysis report helps you conveniently identify the areas to improve, recover whenever brand is down, advance your PR performance, and protect your brand reputation.

Monitoring Platform

With our exclusive media monitoring platform, you can access human-sourced media content and human-based analytics represented in charts, along with journalist information.









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