Media Monitoring Platform

Fetch your media information and analytics instantly and handy, powered by expert human intelligence!

This exclusive online platform comprises all relevant media information along with the analytics done by exclusively assigned DigiMent Research analysts. The platform allows you to dig and track the past and current news articles and social conversations, run custom ad-hoc keyword searches, share the articles and posts instantly, archive all news briefs and custom created reports, use custom filters to narrow down your search results, and finally create and download customized summary-less analysis reports.


Gain Insights Fast

No need to wait for your next analysis report. Our KPI dashboard shows the required insights anytime with 50+ metrics including trend, sentiment, presence, reach, awareness, etc.

Coverage with No Gaps

Our analysts manually source content from 100,000+ websites, blogs, mainstream news sites, social networks, forums, message boards and user-generated content.

Custom Search and Filters

Do unlimited search queries on messages, campaigns, issues and topics, and narrow down your results further using filters like sentiment, media types, authors, outlets, etc.

Integrated Mobile App

Access the platform any time, from anywhere, and from any devices. Our platform becomes handy with our integrated mobile app which allows to do searches from mobile itself.

Journalist Information

Drill down each article to view the corresponding author details, and quick-connect them to share your opinion. Details include email IDs, phone no., and social links.

More Security and Privacy

Each client platform is backed up by a strong and dedicated technical team. Frequent patches and updates ensure greater long-term protection and privacy of all your data.

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